We guarantee volume and continuous production, giving a quality product that has all the nutritional benefits for your client.


Our proposal of Chilean Seaweed for the gastronomic and foodservice industry is a reference in the current national market.

Ready-to-cook Dehydrated Cochayuyo

We process fresh Cochayuyo by cutting it into julienne shreds, small pieces and squama, dehydrating it in drying chambers with controlled temperature and traceability, maintaining its organoleptic properties and avoiding its oxidation, fermentation, and decomposition, this highlights a natural flavor that stands out from the traditional format and ready to cook, with no need to wash.

Our Cochayuyo hydrates 7-8 times its weight when cooked.

It only requires 60-80 minutes between cooking and resting in the pot to reserve and occupy, or hydrate it for 5 hours to build dishes with the raw seaweed.

Depending on the cuts we present, you can create different dishes, including incorporating it dehydrated, additional baking in oil and seasonings, or decoration.

Its relation cost-performance makes it very attractive.

Julienne Cut

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Traditional cut in Chilean gastronomy, preferred by Cochayuyo lovers.

Chef Cut

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Small and uniform cut, very visually appealing for gourmet dishes and
development of courses of high gastronomic value.


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This format has had a very good reception, easy to incorporate in preparations that include it as an ingredient, and as seasonings in a dehydrated way.

It grows 7 times its weight-volume after cooking, its taste resembles the sensation of risotto and sea, ideal to encourage its consumption by balancing flavors of other ingredients and condiments in preparation.

* All ready-to-cook Cochayuyo cuts come in a 250 gram or kilo bag.

Cochayuyo Flour

We manufacture the following formats from dehydrated Cochayuyo.


Coarse grinding size 70/30

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With 70% cochayuyo heart and 30 ·% cochayuyo skin.

This format is used in different recipes and preparations, as an ingredient in soups, sweets, and bakery products.


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Micronized Cochayuyo, for use as an ingredient to be included in the manufacture of pasta, bread, smoothies, and cocktails.

Cooked and chopped Cochayuyo in a pouch

Innovative solution, very practical in every kitchen, it allows stock control.

We use our dehydrated Cochayuyo for its manufacture, free from additives or preservatives, its durability is 2 years guaranteed, it does not need refrigeration.

  • You just need to strain it and it’s ready
  • Does not require cooking
  • Does not require cutting

We present it in 250 gr and 1 kg format.

Instant Chilean Seaweed Salad

Finely selected algae, according to their state of maturity and processed in strict Japanese style.

Chondracanthus chamissoi (Chicorea de mar), Callophyllis variegata (Carola) and Macrocystis pyrifera (Huiro float).

Dehydrated after a careful cleaning process.

We present this product in sachets of 8 gr. Hydrate for 3-4 minutes in water, at room temperature, and serve.

Variety of proposals to use in gourmet dishes.


Best price-performance ratio

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